What are the Benefits of Pressure Washing?

What are the Benefits of Pressure Washing?

What is pressure washing? It is the process of cleaning the exterior of residential and business buildings using pressurized water. It is a perfect and efficient way of cleaning roofs, fences, driveways, etc. Power washing can safeguard your time, your investment, and the health of your family.

Benefits of Pressure Washing, Handy Window Cleaner

The following are the benefits of pressure washing.

1. It Prevents Damage

The exterior of your building is exposed to various elements. Do not allow grime, dirt, algae, and stains to sit on the surface for a long time. Because they can cause permanent damage. Additionally, mold damages painted surfaces. Use pressure washing to prevent the surface of your building from damage.

2. It Improves Your Building’s Curb Appeal

Do you want to sell or lease your building? Boosting the curb appeal increases the chances of getting a buyer. Pressure washing the building regularly improves the value of the building. How? It makes the building look more appealing and newer. It makes it easier to find the right buyer.

3. It Saves Money

Buying or building a new house is a big investment. Protect your investment by maintaining your building properly. For example, pressure washing the building keeps it looking new for several years. You will never have to worry about spending a lot of money repainting your building regularly.

Additionally, it is cheap to pressure ware the exterior of your building. It is much cheaper than repainting or refinishing.

4. It Keeps the Building in Good Condition

The exterior of the building develops moss, mold, and mildew growth after some time. These growths ruin the appearance of your building. Also, they can cause serious damages. Use high-pressure washing to remove mold from the exterior surface of your building. Pressure washing your building regularly keeps it in good condition for a long time.

5. It Promotes Health

Cleaning the exterior of any building removes health hazards from the building. For example, mold and mildew can affect the health of your family. To reduce the threat of your health and the health of your family, remove mold and mildew. Pressure washing promotes health because it helps remove mildew and mold.

6. It is Environmentally Friendly

Pressure washing not only promotes health, but it is also environment-friendly. More companies are focusing on being eco-friendly and responsible. So, focus on non-toxic and safe ways of cleaning the exterior of your building. Pressure washing is not only safe for the surface. It is also safe for your plants, grass, flowers, etc. around your home.

7. It is Easy

Pressure washing is easy. It takes less time. And it is simple. Traditional cleaning methods take a lot of time. They require plenty of energy and elbow grease. With pressure washing, you do not have to look for detergents, soaps, and sponges. And you will never spend a lot of time and energy scrubbing stubborn debris.

8. It Increases Property Value

Some properties do not sell because they look very old. The exterior discolors, degrades, and oxides with time. This is the reason why most properties lose value. To maintain or increase the value of your property, pressure wash it regularly. Pressure washing keeps the property looking new on its own. It is much easier to sell a property that looks new.

Pressure Washing

In conclusion, pressure washing increases the value of the property. It promotes health. It saves a lot of time and money. It requires less effort. It keeps the building in good condition. It prevents damages. And it improves the property’s curb appeal. These are the benefits of pressure washing.

If do you have the time to pressure wash your exterior, hire a reputable service to pressure wash it. It is cheaper to hire a reputable service in the long run. Additionally, pressure washing services have more experience than you.

Reasons To Hire Professional Window Cleaners

Reasons To Hire Professional Window Cleaners

Windows enhance the look of your property, make the home more energy-efficient and let in the fresh air. In this read, we are going to look at the advantages of clean windows and why you should hire professionals for the cleaning.

Reasons To Hire Professional Window Cleaners

When your windows are dirty, they tend to lose their functionality and wear down more quickly. While many homeowners opt to clean windows on their own, there are several benefits to hiring professional window cleaners. Professional window cleaning might not fall into your budget, but the benefits experienced are certainly worth pursuing.

Reasons To Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Company

There are numerous reasons to get professionals for window cleaning:

They Provide Better Results

Similar to how professional detailers bring an unparalleled shine to just about any car, professional window cleaners and installers will leave your aluminium windows sparkling and free of grime. Professional cleaners utilize to of the line cleaning products and equipment. They are ideally able to implement the best strategies to ensure they reach all your windows safely and ascertain they are thoroughly cleaned.


Benefits of Pressure Washing, Handy Window Cleaner

Most homeowners can be able to clean their windows, but when you compare the cleaning equipment, solutions as well as the hours of experience that a professional brings to the table, it is easy to fathom why only a few homeowners are able to produce the same results you get from a trained and experienced crew.

They are Affordable

Window cleaning is a low-cost job that you can comfortably budget into your conventional home maintenance regime. The average cost of cleaning windows is about $200. The typical range of cleaning contractors is between $150 and $300. Some charge as little as $70, while others charge more than $350. Of course, the exact price will depend on the number and size of your windows, plus how dirty they are.

Benefits of Pressure Washing, Handy Window Cleaner

Now you might think that taking the job in yourself helps you save some money, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. The tools and cleaning solutions you need for the job average around $250. When you consider the cost as well as the time and effort you have to put in, it’s easy to see how reasonable the professional rates are. Hiring an expert means you do not have to purchase any equipment or do the task. Without a shadow of a doubt, the cost of hiring a professional cleaning company is well worth your dollar!

Professional Window Cleaning Does Not Cut Corners

Time is a valuable commodity. Although some DIY enthusiasts might see a weekend window cleaning as recreation, most individuals would rather outsource the task. If DIY is not your cup of tea, you are bound to rush the project and cut corners.

Professional Window Cleaning

On the contrary, paid experts will wash your windows thoroughly as they take pride in their work and have to uphold their reputation in the community. Repeat business is always dependent on great prior performance, the cleaning contractors will ensure that everything is spotless. Not to forget that they have the best equipment for the job.

You Can Pair the Job With Other Tasks

Most professional window cleaners provide other services. They usually provide packages with various kinds of jobs like:

-Gutter cleaning
-Interior maid services
-Power washing
-Carpet cleaning
-Roof cleaning
-Chimney sweeping
-Duct and vents cleaning
-Pest control
-Construction cleaning

You can ideally go the extra mile and have your sills, screens, tracks and blinds cleaned. Some cleaning contractors include these in the window washing job as a courtesy, but for others, you’ll need pay separately. As such, make sure you inquire before availing of the services.

As you can see, there are plenty of substantial reasons to hire professional window cleaners.

Tips And Advice For Maintaining Screens And Windows

Tips And Advice For Maintaining Screens And Windows

Windows have a relatively long useful life. However, the lack of proper maintenance may shorten their life span, determining you to replace them too early to be worth the expense. This article helps you to make your screens and windows last longer. Feel free to use the following maintenance tips to make your windows look like new and maintain their energy efficiency for a very long time.

Tips And Advice For Maintaining Screens And Windows, Handy Window Cleaner

To start with, you need to know that the windows are the most important surfaces of your building, as they are the ones that enable most part of the thermal transfer between indoor and outdoor air. This means that you have to ensure they are always clean and in perfect functioning condition. Any slight misalignment or disruption in the seal can make your windows less effective in keeping a stable indoor temperature. The best window maintenance tip we can offer you is to perform a detailed inspection of your windows at least twice a year. It is very important to find all problems and to address it while the weather is still warm. If you wait until the colder winter days to fix your windows, you may not be able to find someone to repair your windows fast enough. Besides, you may have a difficult time at finding a professional to come to help you.

Tips And Advice For Maintaining Screens And Windows, Handy Window Cleaner

As screens and windows are prone to accumulating a lot of dust, you should periodically clean them. Wipe them with a soft cloth and vacuum them thoroughly. You can use the small brush head of your vacuum cleaner to reach even in the narrower spaces. By removing all dust every few weeks or so, you make sure that no dirt and grime deposits will form. Grime is the main culprit for the poor insulation of windows, because it prevents the seals from adhering to the surface of the frame. By removing all dirt before it hardens, you help maintaining the insulating properties of your windows. In addition, consider replacing the rubber seal every five years or so. If needed, replace it even more often. It’s in your best interest to have good windows, as that’s going to help keep your energy bills at bay. Windows that are poorly sealed allow cold temperature inside your rooms, forcing you to pay more to maintain a stable and comfortable indoor temperature.

How to maintain your windows 

When it comes to screens, by vacuuming them often, you remove all dirt particles that could clog the nets, preventing fresh air from entering your home. If your screens are removable, consider washing them at least once a year with soapy water. Make sure you rinse them well, in order to remove all soap residues.

In case you notice any problems with your window frames, address them sooner rather than later. If you overlook such minor issues, they will become big problems that will cost you more to fix. It’s always better to prevent such major problems by inspecting your window frames, hinges and seals every once in a while.

Always use mild cleaning agents when you clean your windows. Avoid rubbing the frames, as you may easily damage them. Once a year or so, consider hiring a professional windows cleaning company to come to clean your screens and windows. This is the best thing you can do in terms of maintenance. Expert cleaners have professional tools and effective cleaning agents, so they an do a much better job than you, with less effort and within a much shorter time. These professionals will also inspect all elements of your windows and will make you the best recommendations to preserve or even improve their energy efficiency.

Handy Window Cleaner - How to Stop Birds from Colliding into Your Windows

How to Stop Birds from Colliding into Your Windows

Ever came across a lovely bird dead outside your house? It’s likely that it smashed into your window and never ever recovered. For every dead bird you discover, simply picture how many of them were snatched up by a cat or even pulled in the brush by other critters. Around the globe, window collisions lead to the death of around one billion birds each year. With spring migration already underway within the northern hemisphere, today is as good as ever to make your residence bird safe.

How to Stop Birds from Colliding into Your Windows

Most bird species are at risk, though migratory songbirds tend to be the primary victims. Many are killed immediately, though others give in when they’re shocked and fall victim to gulls, rats, or maybe several other predators.

Private homes in addition to skyscrapers jeopardize birds. Many property owners know the annoying thump that implies a bird has struck a window; many have likewise discovered bird carcasses in close proximity to their windows. Feathered creatures don’t see the glass as a rigid barrier; they notice reflections of sky or trees or even a fly-through to an open space beyond.

How to Stop Birds from Colliding into Your Windows

This ought to come as no surprise since even humans sometimes walk into glass doors. For an individual it’s simply embarrassing, but for a bird, it’s usually deadly.

Homeowners are able to lessen the collisions and also save birdlife in a variety of ways:

  • Bird feeders must be positioned within 3 feet of a windowpane so that birds heading to the feeder can’t get up sufficient flying velocity to injure themselves.
  • Adding a design on a windowpane whereby birds are found to hit can be inexpensive and uncomplicated. Patterns with negative space no higher than four by two inches can prove to be extremely helpful.
  • Decals of hawks or maybe other raptors aren’t especially effective unless of course the decals are positioned very strategically – it does not actually matter whether they’re of birds of prey or maybe an abstract style.

Several suggestions for seasonal or temporary fixes:

  • Set vertical tape strips four inches apart at maximum or perhaps horizontal strips a maximum of two inches apart. Bird tapes are durable and much more pleasing to the eyes than electrical tape or masking tape. Make sure you put the tape on the exterior of the window for optimum efficiency.
  • Soap windows, or maybe utilize window paints or perhaps tempera paints to block the majority of the window.
  • Purchase or even make your own personal window gel clings. Make sure to space them at most four inches apart horizontally and two inches apart vertically.
  • Draw screens and relocate indoor plants far from windows. This won’t do the job if there are harsh reflections of the yard in the window.

For more long-lasting solutions, ones which prevent birds from striking windows or even lessen transparency and reflectivity, try the following suggestions:

  • Put in an opaque or frosted window film. This is a film which seems opaque from the exterior but permits views of the outdoors. Films are best when used on the exterior of the window. Most films aren’t guaranteed when placed over the exterior covering, but most are fairly durable on these surfaces.
  • Install unobtrusive netting in front of windows. You can find these nettings created specifically for different types of facades and glass windows.
  • Install awnings, latticework, louvers, and shades on your windows.
  • Consider adding mesh window screens.

Maintaining your windows

Watching nature and birds from inside your house is surely a treat. Bird fatalities are often an unintentional result of home design. But with a little imagination and creativity, you ought to be able to enjoy the view of the birds flying outside your home while keeping them safe at the same time.